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Luxury villas in Italy & Lake Garda homes


About usLuxury villas in Italy with Luxury Realty, a real estate intermediary Agency specialized in the sale of luxury homes, designed for customers who are not satisfied in following their dreams as goals to be reached only in the future, but to those who desire immediate results, in this specific context, identifying them in a home, in the absolute best.

A dream and a story are added value to any property and this is what we offer.

With over twenty years experience in this field, together with the clear-cut philosophy which is conveyed in our procedures and way of being, we can afford to offer continuous support during all phases of the working relationship.

We guarantee an overall check on the property with cadastral history and mortgage surveys, we organize visits, and accompany clients on site with specialized interpreters, we take care of your purchase in the drafting of the preliminary agreement, we deal with the compilation of the documents required in applying for the tax code (mandatory for foreign clients when purchasing villas in Italy), we follow the practices for the transfer of utilities, and we recommend specialized legal assistance, so that you can have a complete step by step assistance from the very first contact up to the deed of sale.

Reliability, expertise, promptness and transparency allow us to administer important negotiations with both national and international clients, offering exclusive and prestigious villas in Italy real estate transactions.

We operate on Lake Garda, a true gem of the Italian scenario, a very sought-after destination with a magnificent landscape and a mild climate both in summer and in winter, spectacular with rain or sun, with clouds or snow.
The fairy tale atmosphere allows you to bring to life the history and charm that has always characterized this area, the scenario of an important historical period that has hosted illustrious figures such as Gabriele D’Annunzio, poet, novelist and playwright who made his home, the Vittoriale, into a monumental citadel; Gasparo da Salò, the famous violin maker who was one of the inventors of the modern violin and also poets such as Catullus, Dante, Goethe and Carducci who were inspired by the magic and passion that this place transmits. For this reason the lake is mentioned in various literary works.

Living in a villa on Lake Garda in Italy has that extra something…

…besides the beauty and prestige of the house, it also allows you to enjoy the pleasures of the magnificent outdoor panorama, and whenever you desire, you can gaze out to look…!